Travel New Zealand : Dunedin the coastal city of New Zealand

Dunedin is the coastal city of New Zealand known for its unspoiled beaches, picturesque landscapes and views of the Harbor. Flights from Auckland to Dunedin take around 2.5 hours to reach the city while, flights from Christchurch take approximately 1 hour. The cheap flights to Dunedin from London are with Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand’s flights to Auckland or indirect flights are usually the cheapest flights to New Zealand from where you can easily catch a connection flight to Dunedin city.

Why Dunedin? Well, the reasons are many and can vary from person to person however, in a nut shell, it is a city promising pleasant environment, widespread beaches and harmony that a human soul longs for.

The options in Dunedin are many, as a coastal city its has quite a few lined up beaches that you can explore tirelessly, one after another. There is a wide variety of locations to pick from and unlike some overcrowded Far East holiday spots; every one can easily find their place right under the sun.

In Dunedin, all small and large beaches are scattered around the Otago Harbor. If you are looking for a lonely corner only to yourself, you can take a long drive further away from the city and in less than an hour you will be standing on a beach so fresh, so genuine that you will feel like the first human to set foot there.

If looking for a beach, full of surfers, babes, life, vibrancy and all the hot happenings beaches are known for, only 10 minutes away from city centre you can find more than one spots of sheer joy and excitement that speaks for itself. All fun spots and attractions in Dunedin are within an easy access from the city centre and just minutes away from each other.

Dunedin, like many other cities in New Zealand is most profoundly renowned as an extraordinary surfing spot. Beaches in Dunedin are great for professional and extreme surfing and water spots along the coastline. To see the “wave riders” heed to St Clair, Blackhead or Brighton beaches. If you have a surf board, Ray ben shades and an attitude to rule the scene you are in, St Clair Beach is worth checking out.

Also, for a feel of luxury, style and an unforgettable time with your loved ones don’t miss the hot Salt-water Pool just by the beach side.

The regular surf patrols at most beaches look after the surfers and tourist alike nearly all the summers, making it a safe yet luxurious vacation for all.  Roll in the joy Dunedin offers to you and feel the most wonderful feeling of being taken care of! New Zealand vacation is all about taking your worries away, a door to heaven on earth.