Feeling the Waves in Perth, Australia

December in Australia is a warm and pleasant month. If you are planning your Christmas to be extraordinary this year, and want to see the sun of New Year take a swim in turquoise waters of Australian beach, book your flights to Perth with no further ado.

Reasonable accommodations, as well as cheap flights to Perth, are both available a few weeks in advance of holiday’s season. However, the closer you get to the holidays, the least are your chances to get any cheap flight to Australia while accommodations, including budget hotels and student hostels get jam packed. Who to blame? The gorgeous attractions of Perth beaches!

Perth Beaches Australia

Swimming is the most remarkable experience in Perth. The city is laced with some of Australia’s best beaches. During the warmer months, Perth Beaches are the hot spot for swimmers and surfers from worldwide destinations. Scarborough is one of the popular beaches in Perth located in close proximity with the city centre while other beaches located further away are ideal for a more serene leisure time.

Here are the tips that might help you, while going swimming or surfing in Perth:

    Keep plenty of Sunscreen; midday temperate can rise very high. During summer, mosquito and insect repellent may come in handy during the evening. As the beaches are on the open ocean it is strongly advised that you only ‘swim between the flags’ at patrolled beaches. Swanbourne is only one beach in Perth that permits nude bathing. At some beaches, there are no lifeguards or red-and-yellow flags at this beach and so it is essential to keep a close eye on children near the water. Pack a spare swim suit and rubber shoes.

Swanbourne beach is frequented by families and sun seekers belonging to all age groups. However, while swimming or sunbathing nude, getting stared at is normal. The overall atmosphere at Swanbourne Clothing Optional Beach is friendly and relaxing.

Other beach attractions include a variety of water sports. Surfing is extremely popular in Australia and both men and women can be seen surfing casually at Australian Beaches. Snacks, drinks and candies are available at the beach side café in most cases, however if you are walking further away from the crowd or driving to a deserted beach side it is recommended to keep drinking water bottles with you. Also, as far as flights to and from Perth are concerned, local or domestic flights can be bought at any time however, international connection flights to western countries are hard to find and get very expensive if not reserved well in advance. Also, there are connectivity and time issues often rising if domestic and international flights are not reserved from the same place / agency or airline.