Go Cycling in Melbourne

There are many exciting ways to make a special vacation in a foreign land. Specially you are flying to Australia, and starting from the capital city Sydney – you have a choice to either be a regular traveler, who books his flights to Sydney through agents and depends on guides to help him roam around OR you can as independent as a free bird, trying online reservations, using subway, bus, trams or even taking ferry rides to see the place in an altogether different way.

There are certainly some other exciting options in countries like Australia that are known for their excellent means of transportation. What Melbourne is known for, is the network of tram. Visiting the city attractions on tram has gained immense popularity in Melbourne However; another unique way to explore the city is biking. Circling the bike path in Melbourne gives you a lot more liberty, you can stand and stare any where you want and as long as you would like.

Cheap flights to Melbourne can be booked from either Sydney Airport or Perth, you can book for a night or two in a student hostel (if you are on your own or a small group) that will be very cheap for you. Plus, bikes can be rented (as your hotel / hostel receptionist).  This will make you vacation cheap, affordable, independent and adventurous. Melbourne is known for excellent network of bike paths. The city generally has a flat terrain, making pedal-power a great way to take in the city and convenient for any age group.

Melbourne Cycling Yarra River Australia

The most popular bike paths in Melbourne include:

The Yarra River Trail

For a peaceful, serene and pleasant morning pedal to the Yarra River Trail that runs from the mouth of Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River, through the city and onwards to Westerfolds Park in the outer suburbs.

The Capital City Trail

As the name suggests, this path provides a great opportunity to see the day to day in Melbourne. The path connects Melbourne’s inner suburbs, the Docklands precinct and the city.

The Bay Trail

Evenings are best utilized on the Bay Trail. It is the most pleasant circling the Port Phillip Bay, running from Port Melbourne, through the beachside precinct of St Kilda, past the famous bathing sheds of Brighton, all the way to Carrum. A cool breeze and view of the beach are great attractions of this trail.

Rules to Remember:

    Don’t forget a road map. Keep hydrated, carry mineral or spring water bottles Leave any expensive items such as jewelry at safe place.  Dress casually (stretchable trousers or shots are good) Most paths are “shared footways” under the law, although the majority of users in most places are cyclists. This means cyclists should expect to share the path with pedestrians, dog-walkers, rollerblades, joggers, prams and tricycles. Some trails contain on-road sections (in marked bike lanes). It is legal to cycle on footpaths only when supervising cycling children or when the path is marked or signposted as allowing bikes. There is no cyclist access permitted to the West Gate Bridge, at Bay Trail. Helmets are required by law, and care should be taken when cycling near slippery tram tracks, particularly on Swanston Street in the morning, as this area is dominated by large, tour coaches before 8:30am, which has proven to be fatal.