Qantas Air’s QF64 was forced to land due to Hit by a Bird

Qantas Airways said that QF64  flight to  Sydney was forced to return on its point of origin when birds apparently hit one of the engines of Boeing 747. A Qantas spokesman told AAP;

that the incident occurred in Johannesburg and the plane’s flight crew immediately swung into procedures for such scenario and successfully landed the aircraft into the South African capital.

Qantas Air Flights Sydney

All 171 passengers that originally boarded QF64 have been accounted for, according to Qantas, and they were given hotel accommodation from which they would wait for the next flight available going to Sydney. The incident happened amidst the ongoing engine woes of a number of Qantas flights for the past two weeks and most notably of them was the engine blowout suffered by an A380 that forced the aircraft for return manoeuvre into Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Following that and some more engine troubles, Qantas Airways had announced the grounding of its entire fleet of A380 superjumbos pending the outcome of the investigation being undertaken by Rolls Royce, which manufactures the Trent 900 engines that power the aircraft.This time, however, Qantas is insisting that the latest incident is not in league with its present engine troubles on A380s as QF64 uses a Boeing aircraft, with the national carrier blaming sheer bad luck as the cause of the problem.