Qantas CEO Alan Joyce on the First Resuming Flight A380 Airbus

Earlier this month, Qantas airline grounded six of its A380 planes after a mid air engine failure on a flight to Sydney, that forced emergency landing shortly after takeoff in Singapore. However, after weeks of investigations and repairs, the airline’s Airbus A380 is back in air. Not only that but Alan Joyce, CEO Qantas airline himself has traveled on the first resuming flights on Saturday to encourage travelers, proving to the world the level of commitment and excellent service this Australian carrier has been delivering for years.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

This gesture is being applauded and highly appreciated around the world. It proves that “Qantas Cares”. Qantas spokes person, Tom Woodward, confirmed that Chief Executive Alan Joyce was on board when the first A380 in the Qantas fleet of six (previously grounded planes) took off from Sydney’s airport on Saturday evening, November 27th, 2010. He further stated that Mr. Alan Joyce will be traveling as far as Singapore.

Most amazingly, the flight was full when it departed for London via Singapore, from Australia. As stated on CNN, the plane that took off Saturday was in Los Angeles, California, when Qantas grounded the fleet. Where, the airline’s engineers replaced two of the plane’s engines and shipped the plane to Sydney with only pilots aboard so it would be ready for the first passenger flight. Also, the reports declare that one of the replacement engines on the plane that took off this Saturday, came from another Qantas plane. The second replaced engine was provided by the manufacturer, Rolls Royce. All Airbus A380 has been thoroughly inspected before being back in the air.