Qantas Devised ‘Contingency Plan’ to minimizes any Disruptions

Aftermath of Airbus A380 midair crises continues as the airline has grounded its Airbus A380 fleet operating to worldwide destinations. The move was initially criticized, as holiday season is approaching where a massive increase in flights to Sydney and Australia for Christmas, has become a custom each year. Qantas offers direct flights to Australia from London as well as other destinations round the globe. However the airline has already scheduled forward plan to minimize disruptions on any domestic, regional or international routes previously operated with Airbus A380.

Qantas-Airbus A380

The new forward schedule enables Qantas to accommodate customers on services across its entire international network over the coming weeks, regardless of when A380 aircraft re-enter service. However, Qantas is determined to bringing its A380s back into service at the earliest possibility. This contingency schedule has been designed to provide certainty for customers planning to travel in the near future. Qantas will be using all its aircraft (fleet size 250) to minimize schedule disruptions and continue its services.