Visiting The Botanical Garden of Adelaide, Australia

In a lazy afternoon, if you are in Adelaide or in Australia, book yourself domestic flights to Adelaide and spend a day at the Botanical Garden Adelaide.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is an historic garden located on the Adelaide Plains. On an average, you can say, it has a dry Mediterranean climate and alkaline soils. The experience of roaming around the beautiful garden, its plantation, museums and conservatory is both rewarding and interesting.

Firstly let me tell you that the entrance to Botanical Garden Adelaide is free (please recheck at time/year of visiting). The garden is open to general public between 10 am to 4 pm daily and from 10am to 05 pm during day light saving periods. Although located in the heart of city, the garden opens up gates to a pleasant and serene world of its own. Lush greenery welcomes every visitor with open arms and fresh breeze.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Australia

The visit to Adelaide Gardens is worthwhile in any way or means. It is a pleasing and relaxing experience especially if you are on a hectic trip or a business meeting.  Locals visit Adelaide Botanical Garden usually for picnics and ball games held in the huge grassy parklands just outside the garden. Another important thing that attracts visitors and peace-seekers here, is the small yet trendy café where sipping an afternoon tea after a long walk around the splendid collection of trees and flowers, is indeed a worth stopping for.

You will come across both native and exotic plant collections including cycads, bromeliads, palms and many spectacular mature trees and shrubs. Some of them bear wild and scented flowers throughout the year. Another remarkable thing about the garden is its Rainforest species. These plants are grown in the temperate Australian forest and the Bicentennial Conservatory for tropical plants. A variety of unique arid Madagascan plants are grown in the Palm House.

Although the attractions of happening city, Sydney are mesmerizing or the classic look of Melbourne is appealing too but a trip to Australia is not complete without visiting Adelaide Botanical Gardens.