Visiting the eras in Sydney, Australia

If you have interest in History and all that the ‘shadows of past can caste on future’, going to the Australia’s ‘oldest to newest’ historical sites can be a great expedition for you. Here let tell you that until very recently, I was not a fan of Historical places. The rundown buildings, old and faded paints meant nothing more than ‘remains’ to me. However, once you start visiting these places, taking notes, photos or just study a bit on internet about the true history and stories wrapped in the stone walls, it’s always great to be able to actually go and see the places you read about with your own eyes. The most interesting way, I have adopted is that I visit places form the oldest to the newest pattern. Such as, first to the ancient, than to colonial era times and lastly to the most popular cosmopolitan districts.

In the recent trip, I booked direct flights to Sydney and instead of starting from Sydney Harbor or Sydney Opera I tried to get in and get personal with Australian culture and society.

Sydney Opera House Australia

The first place I hit was the ‘The Rocks’. It is the home of sandstone buildings preserved from Sydney’s early settlement. Though the neighborhood is fun packed and clubbing capital of Sydney, the amazing transformation of stunning sandstone buildings from the dazzle of the day into the glamour of night, is an experience worth taking.

The second notable place to visit next is called “Parramatta” Sydney. It opens up a unique, unexpected and entirely new side of Australia to you. It is here that you will develop familiarity with the Colonial history, rise and fall and effects of the era on Sydney’s architecture. Located to the west of the city, Parramatta is a site of some of the oldest buildings of colonial times.

A day before my return, I also visited the Macquarie Street in the City. It’s full of hustle and bustle. You will come across a lot of historical sites, from the first hospital in the colony, to the Mint to Hyde Park Barracks, to the Conservatorium which was the original government house stables. The historical buildings here are a major attraction for tourists to Australia.

As most international and cheap flights to Australia land in Sydney, all of the above attractions are within easy access from the airport or city centre.