Exploring Australian Wonders – One At A Time

If you want to make the most of your flights to Australia, than why not go to Fitzroy Island. The ultimate way to explore Australian wonders is to go one at a time. It is in every sense and way, the true ‘Island Heaven’ of Australia.

As majority of tourists book direct flights to Sydney, let me tell you that you can book domestic or regional flights to Cairns which is the nearest city to Fitzroy Island. It is a beautiful city in close proximity of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s seventh natural wonder.

The little piece of heaven, we are talking about is a continental island out from Djujbirri (formally known as Cape Grafton). It is located about 29 km south east of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. What you can find here, is unlimited. The top attraction here is ‘snorkeling’. The clear Turquoise waters are inviting to all those in a spirit to discover the vibrant colors of nature. It is the place to be for adventurers. If you are heading to Fitzroy Island, don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera for the Coral Reefs, here are so spectacular that you sure would want to take them home with you.

Fitzroy Island Cheap Flights Sydney Australia

Water Sports, here go beyond snorkeling and water boarding or diving make also some of the exciting options you ll have here.

Beaches, all over Cairns are classified as the most ‘un spoiled’ and serene. The originality of the place is so mesmerizing that it looks like a scene from a fairy tale. Fitzroy Island is in particular known for the abundance of wild life, endangered Species and excellence as a bird watching destination.

Although, Fitzroy Island is a living fantasy but the kind of accommodations you can have here are laced with all the amenities of a cosmopolitan attraction. Famous hotels in Cairns are Lakes Cairns Resort and Spa and Quality Sheridan Plaza.

Weather in Cairns is friendly, clear and neither too hot nor to cold most of the time. But for sun seekers in particular, the best time to visit Fitzroy Island will be in May, June, July or August. Destinations like Fitzroy Island are very promising if you are planning a honey moon, as it will give you all the privacy and all the splendor of a perfect beach honey moon you have dreaming about.