Qantas Airbus A380 Still Under Discussion

Earlier this year, the Australian Flying Kangaroo experienced a shaky start of the holiday season when explosive engine failure minutes after the Sydney-bound flight left Singapore on Nov. 4 nearly downed one of his prized A380 jetliners and temporally grounded the entire A380 fleet for safety checks. The incident left Qantas operating long haul flights at what can be called “skeleton fleet” and the carrier faced a challenge to its reputation.

Though, after enough investigation was carried out, followed by repairs and a detailed check up if the entire fleet, the airline resumed its A380 flights last month. To ensure the safety, Qantas CEO also traveled along on the first resuming A380 flights and deplaned in Singapore. However, the airline has been facing mounting challenges in shape of questions of reliability and the fear that an exploding engine caused among the air travelers.

Qantas Airline is keeping all options open and also filed a case against the manufacturer ‘Rolls Royce’. Qantas CEO, Mr. Alan Joyce is awaiting compensation of the damages that the incident has caused it. Qantas is moving in 2011, with hopes to restore its image and also attain compensation for the financial as well as reputation loss that Air Bus A380 engine failure has caused it.

The craft was fitted with 2 spare engines, in addition to the engine that has a ‘manufacturing fault’ in it. All passengers and crew landed safely in all incidents involving Airbus A380.

The strong point in favor of Qantas is its long history of trouble free and high standard services. The airline also, scores a ten as there are hardly any notable competition it faces when it comes to providing direct flights to Australia and the wide domestic and regional connectivity. Qantas operates internal connecting flights to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Sydney and nearly all top Australian destinations.