Australia Coping With Worst Flooding In Decades

Towards the end of 2010, Australia has been celebrating its long awaited tourist boom. Many airlines have launched cheap flights to Sydney whereas some of the top International airlines already flying to the country have increased their frequency of flights to Australia. Entertainment world has also been kind to Australia last year and the launch of Oprah Winfery’s new season is also scheduled from Australia and finally all the combined efforts by Australian Tourism to get its tourists back were paying off.

However, the affects of recent flooding on Tourism in Australia in 2011 cannot be undermined. Many towns have been cut off by the devastating flooding in Australia that stranded about 200,000.


The flooding has forced a mass evacuation in Queensland Australia. The residents of the flood affected areas are stocking up on food where as a large majority is evacuating their homes. The rising rivers have isolated around 22 towns in the state of Queensland (capital Brisbane) Australia. The region is now being taken care of by the Military and a military aircraft dropped supplies to towns cut off by floods in northeastern Australia.

The area covered in water is estimated to be even larger than France and Germany combined.

The prime minister has promised new assistance to the 200,000 stranded people of the flood hit areas. It is declared as North-eastern Australia’s worst flooding in decades.