New Zealand Launches New Tourism Campaign

New Zealand’s national tourism campaign has stepped forward in 2011 with a new, passionate and advanced approach to promote New Zealand tourism. The energetic and more meaningful tag line to this new campaign is “100% pure You”.

The New Zealand’s tourism campaign launched today adds a more personal touch to the inviting message and the evolution is already getting applauded worldwide. For ages now, the country has been excessively promoting the beautiful landscape and abundant natural blessings it has and unlike it’s closest neighbors Australia that promotes activities and events equally, New Zealand has been surviving on it’s locations promotions only. However, 2011 is a new and fresh start to tourism marketing in the country.

According to Chief Executive Tourism New Zealand, Kevin Bowler: “the evolution would help take the highly successful 100% Pure New Zealand marketing message to the next level”.


He added: “we have identified people around the world already considering travelling to the New Zealand who have the financial means to make the trip. The addition of ‘You’ to the successful 100% Pure New Zealand advertising message is a logical next step that will benefit New Zealand ‘s tourism industry by highlighting the many individual experiences on offer.”

More than a vibrant and livelier title, the campaign also includes television commercials, online banner ads and a new 100% Pure You tagline that over time, will be used for all Tourism New Zealand advertising globally. It will be rolled out in New Zealand’s major North American, European and Asian markets by the end of February.

New Zealand also has it’s own flagship carrier Air New Zealand that offers direct flights to Auckland, the capital of New Zealand. Also, another international airline Emirates Airline offers flights to Wellington, Christchurch and other regional and domestic destinations all over the continent.