Faraway Bay – Where there’s a Story to know Everywhere!

Faraway Bay located at North–West corner of Australia often called “The Paradise of Kimberley”, is a remote and adventurous place and also its beauty and mystery cannot be solved without visiting the place. Time moves in tides and sunsets on faraway bay revealing a combination of wildlife encounters, beauty, nature, isolation and history as it is acclaimed in the feature film “Australia”. Kimberley is considered to be a land of extremes. A helicopter is the best way to appreciate this majestic and spiritual region.

There are many flight deals to Kununurra through any local or international airline. You can select any affordable flight deal to Kununurra and from there you board a local chartered light aircraft for your flight. Charter flights to Faraway Bay from Broome or Darwin can also be arranged.

Temperature & climate at Faraway Bay from April to September has the average of 30° c. Early April is the best time to see the famous waterfalls. Temperatures rise in October and rain is possible in April. The Bush Camp is not open during November to March.

Faraway Bay Pool Kimberley Australia

The bay is owned by the couple Bruce and Robyn who have lived and worked in Northern Australia for more than 40 years and have built an “Eagle Lodge“ at the bay for the visitors with a caring devoted staff. Bruce enriches everyone by his rare bush knowledge and colorful Aussie bush tales. There are also available, tour guides including fishermen, stockmen and mechanics, ensuring that the guests enjoy the landscape properly. The cabins are better than any other bush camp with comforts and luxuries offering complete privacy and views of the spectacular bay. With no road access you cannot have uninvited guests and no electronic equipment such as televisions or stereos are allowed so you can thoroughly explore the nature and soul.

Faraway is a great escape for honeymooners with beautiful views of the bay and the marine life is active side by side to you .You can swim and also share a bottle of champagne near a waterfall with your loved one by your side or you can simply read a book sitting near a pool in the afternoon. With available facilities like gentle massage, reflexology, acupuncture, ion foot spas, chiropractic manipulation, etc; this trip can also solve your issues of stress anxiety and other muscle aches and pains. Fresh air clear skies and beautiful surroundings are ideal to help you recharge your mind and body. You can also go to a picnic lunch to an isolated beach where you can enjoy the sights of the shells and coral or just lay back and enjoy the solitude.

If you are a history student fascinated by old heritage you will find this land immersed in Kimberley History. There are many important ancient rocks and archaeological and historical sites here at Faraway Bay. Comprehensive Research Library is also where you can browse for local, birds, bush tucker and ancient rock art if you have interest in flora and fauna.

A daytrip to the 80m-high twin King George Falls takes you to the awe-inspiring King George Sound Falls which is a spectacular sight to view and refresh yourself. Faraway Bay is also a heaven for birdwatchers and you can have a daily breakfast with the resident sea eagles and Brahmin Kites. And at sunset friendly birds may steal a drink of yours while you are sitting at your lodge. You’ll also find a countless variety of fishes in the water around the bay.

The place is simply one of the best places in the world for stargazing and also it looks mysterious and beautiful.