Top Sydney Sites you Simply Cannot Miss

Sydney, the largest and most populous city of Australia is known for the vibrant life it enjoys. While the city’s night life is inarguably an irresistible attraction for those who book cheap flights to Sydney, there are a few places that if one misses out on, one might not get the true value for their money. Let us share with you some of Sydney sites you simply should not miss out, if you’re planning to buy tickets to Sydney in the future.

Sydney has its own airport so getting flights to this city should not be an issue. Once in the city, there is a whole range of things that you can explore; be it history, culture, art, music, cuisines, adventure, fashion, drama or simply anything else. Being a huge cosmopolitan, the city showcases these attractions in the most tempting and eye catching way. You must have heard of the dramatically enchanting Sydney Opera House, but did you know Sydney also has a story to tell about the ancient Chinese traditions and their love for nature? A visit to the Chinese Garden of Friendship takes you back in time to let you witness the ancient Chinese traditions of architecture.

Sydney Opera Housein Australia

A splendid combination of flowing waters, dancing flowery and a collage of stone and wood work is what stands as the most striking and traits of this garden. Take a chance to sit back and unwind in the serene allure of this famous land mark. Other key features of this fragrant paradise include the Dragon Wall, Water Pavilion of Lotus Fragrance, the Penjing and the Rock Forest. Very uniquely designed is the traditional Chinese tree house cornered within this beauteous garden. Taste the most refreshing jasmine tea at the tree house while overlooking the thick greens dancing from the ground.

Once you visit any place, you should not only bring along memories of pleasure and exciting sceneries from your trip but it’s always good to add something informative to your knowledge gallery. Especially when you’re in Sydney, the city speaks volumes of the splendor of its creation and the chivalry of those who chipped in the struggle of making the city what it is today. In this case, The Rocks are one cherished landmark that stands proud as the foundation mark of Sydney and Australia. Being the oldest place in Australia, today the Rocks blends its historic treasures with contemporary charm which is then reflected in terms of its dazzling cafes and vibrant shopping avenues. The place is definitely worth a visit for a two-fold gain.

Many visitors that book cheap tickets to Australia are keen to witness the unique animal habitat of this country and what could be a better venue for doing so than the famous Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Needless to mention the rich variety of Australia’s native animals that Taronga homes, the best feature of this gigantic zoological garden is its breath taking location. Located on the highlands amid angelic waterfalls, visitors can enjoy views of the most stunning vantage points of Sydney like the opera house and Harbor Bridge, while zigzagging through the paths along the animal compartments. A Visit to the zoo becomes totally irresistible when the sun peeps through thick native trees of Sydney.

The list of such marvelous attractions would go on for as long as you want to read but there is no parallel to visiting this city in physical. However, if you miss out on the above mentioned sights, you would surely miss out on the best of Sydney city.