Brisbane Getaway Island, Beautiful Stradie

Residents of every Australian city have their own little getaway place; like the locals of Sydney have the Bondi beach while the Melbourne people have the famous Yarra Valley. Following the national tradition the residents of Brisbane has found their own getaway in the picturesque island of North Stradbroke which they so affectionately call “Stradie”. It’s not only the Brisbane folk which adore this beautiful island but the whole of Queensland is a fan of this gem of an island. Each weekend you will find the beaches of North Stradbroke flocked with the tourists from all over the state relaxing on its sandy beaches or indulging themselves in some exciting activities.

Located just 30 km from the city of Brisbane the island is only a 30 minutes ferry ride away from the Cleveland. As it is a major city center of Australia so you can easily find a cheap flight to Brisbane from the most of the major airports of the world. Thou a small island, Stardie is diverse and packs a lot of stuff that needs to be explored.

If you head to the eastern shore line of the island you will find the most sandy beaches and turquoise water in the whole of Queensland bay area, perfect for a relaxing vacation. While the northern rocky shore line of the island is famous for some dolphins, turtles and Manta Ray sightings, and if you are travelling in the months of June and July you can also witness the mighty whales passing along its shores.

North Stradbroke Island Brisbane Australia

The inner part of the island is full of beautiful fresh water lakes and waterways and you will find most of the families heading to this area for some quality family time on the banks of these lakes. If you are a 4wd enthusiast and enjoy a rough ride through some rocky roads then the South Eastern part of the island will be your haven. No matter which part of the island you are in, you will have a lot of opportunities for fun like swimming, mountain biking, surfing and snorkeling.

Most of the people come to Stradie for a single day and start leaving as soon as the sun starts to set but they are the locals and they have seen the place hundreds of times and yet they return each weekend to explore it more. If this is your first time trip to the North Stradbroke then we recommend you to stay there for a couple of days and explore the beautiful island properly.

Although there will be a number of campsites in the area but if you are looking for some permanent settlements then the largest three are located on the northern shoreline of the island. You can find a hotel according to your budget and needs for the most parts of the year but if you are travelling in the summer vacation time then we recommend that you to make a booking in advance as the population of the island increase five folds during this time of the year.