From Christchurch, with Love

Are you exhausted with the routine hustle bustle of your busy city and want to  spend some precious and good times with your family, friends or maybe just by yourself, in a place which is filled with natural beauty and is a magical destination in itself, then we have a perfect solution for you; Christchurch. Christchurch is also known as the Garden city of New Zealand because it has world’s most amazing gardens. It is the biggest city in the South Island of New Zealand and holds second standing in the country’s largest urban-area. It is breathing with colors and wins Visitors hearts by its ambiance, world class interesting things to do, art, culture and vibrant surroundings.

Christchurch has something for everyone from adrenaline pumping adventure to a soothing day out but it is guaranteed that you will never get bored there. It has activities for all tastes and budget. Thus enjoy this Garden City with our cheap flights to a life time experience of quality time with your family and loved ones.

Cater Pillar Ride:

Cater Pillar Garden tour is a very pleasant and an informative tour through the center of the city viewing Botanical Garden which is the crowning beauty of the city. This ride helps the visitor to explore natural beauty, culture, and exotic plants displaying colors and fragrance of one of its kinds. It is one of the top attractions of Christchurch.

Hot Air Balloon Christchurch New Zealand

Hot Air-Balloon:

Flying over the mountains, ocean and plains is extremely an adventures experience and Christchurch has this accurate weather for ballooning, the timings also varies according to the sunrise with the intention that one can enjoy the whole essence of being in the air and view landscape which can only be find in books or paintings.  Hot air ballooning is one of the cheapest and must seen attraction of Christchurch. After ballooning when you land in a farmer’s field, Relax and get pleasure from the chilled Champeniose.

Black Cat Cruise:  

Black Cat Cruise is an amazing French inspired see-side Akora has to present which is just on 90 minutes drive from Christchurch.

It is basically a shelter Harbor and the only place in world that would give you an opportunity to swim with beautiful Hector Dolphins and to have a very close contact with these adorable creatures. The harbor service provides everything from swim suites, goggles snorkels and even free gift packs. Enjoy this magical scenery and stunning delights with our cheap tickets to this wonderland.

International Antarctic Center:  

International Antarctic Center is the most worth seeing feature of Christchurch and always had been a leading attraction for the tourists, situated diagonally from the airport. It is a place of exuberance, passion and interactive experience

Here you will enjoy snow to its highest standards and it will give you a chance to discover ice cave and get ecstatic in Antarctic storm, blowing after every 30 minutes and temperature dropping down even to 24 degrees, the experience gets more exciting and complete when you hear the sound of thrilling lightening and authentic audio.

The other and the most charming feature of Antarctic Center is that you can interact with little blue Penguins. It is actually a New Zealand’s first indoor and out door combined penguin area.

Here you can also experience a ride on the genuine all-terrain. Terrain is an exceptional and exciting vehicle. This machine has people astounding and ridding up hills, over ravine in ice and swimming in water. Now where on planet would you find that many excitements and exclusive activities than Christchurch? So experience all these magical attractions and fun with cheap air fares for right now.