New Zealand Best National Park

If you have ever visited New Zealand then you already know just how unbelievably gorgeous that country really is. Some times one wonders why it has not caught the attention of the tourists looking for a relaxing vacation in some stunning soundings because if you ask us there are no more stunning surroundings than that of New Zealand. It may be because it’s a very long distance away from the rest of the world, but if one can make the effort and has enough money to spend on an air ticket then New Zealand will provide him or her with the most memorable vacation of their life.

Take the Abel Tasman National Park for example, with its marble and lime stone hills it provides an awesome landscape that is dotted with mystic caves and its coastal area has the sandiest beaches that you have ever seen along the sapphire blue ocean.

Abel Tasman National Park Beach New Zealand

It’s the most visited national park of the country and thousands of tourists head for a memorable experience in its magnificent settings. It has an airport close by at Awaroa which connects it with Wellington and Auckland but this is an option which you should only opt if you are short on time and have a lot of cash to burn as these connecting flights are quite expensive. Instead you can use the bus service or travel to the park by hiring a car from any of the city centers of New Zealand.

If you are traveling from outside of New Zealand then taking a cheap flight to Auckland which is the closest major airport to the park, will be a better option. As for the accommodation, you can easily find quite a few reasonable hotels in Awaroa but if you are adventurous enough and the weather permits, try to camp out in the park and enjoy its natural beauty up close.

The trails in the park seem unlimited but the most famous of them all is the one which takes you to the farthest ends of the park while walking along the marvelous coastline of the area with its white sandy beaches. The scenery along the trail is picture perfect and will surely make you loose the sense of time and even reality as it all seems some place out of dreamland; after all it was New Zealand where the Tolkien’s Lord of the rings was made.

Awaroa Bay Parque Abel Tasman New Zealand

There are a few of the resorts along the coast that can provide you with refreshments and some place to rest after a long walk, but they can also provide you the equipment for sea kayaking. If you are physically fit enough then we recommend that you indulge your self into this unique activity. The other trails will take you into deep inside the park where you can enjoy a peaceful vacation in the solitude of this beautiful park.