Places You Miss Out in Australia

It’s difficult to visit every attraction in a country during a single trip, its even more difficult to do so if the country is as large as Australia. Even most of the Australians can’t claim that they have explored their own country completely or even properly. The world’s largest island has endless beaches most of whom are deserted and get little to no tourist traffic, stunning landscapes in its middle that are awe inspiring in their grandeur and beautiful cities along its coast each one of which has its own unique lifestyle. In short Australia is so vast and diverse that even after spending a lifetime there you will still have some must see places left on your list. For most of the tourists though the main attraction is either the hip lifestyle of cities like Sydney and Melbourne or the natural wonders of Great Barrier Reef and of the Ulluru National Park in the vast outback of the country.

Uluru National Park Australia

But there are a few marvelous places in this huge country that have stayed under the tourist’s radar. Take the Daintree National park for example, this is place where you can visit the world’s oldest rain forest and still most tourists don’t know about it. The 115 Million years old forest is home to some of most unique bird species of Australia while the Daintree River flowing in the middle of the forest is full of the Australian crocodiles. The trekking in this dense ancient ecosystem will be a memorable experience of any visitor while a drive along the tracks and roads of the park will provide you with ample opportunities for taking some great photographs. Located just 50 miles from Cairns it is easily accessible by road. After taking a cheap flight to Cairns you can hire a car for the journey to the Daintree National Park.

Another marvelous attraction that most visitors miss is the world’s most rugged and gorgeous coast of Kimberley. Now there is a good reason for most tourists missing out on this beautiful place, because it is one of the most remote places of Australia and this is precisely the reason why it has stayed unspoiled even after being so picture perfect. The soaring rugged red cliffs along the coast line and the tidal rivers that fall into the ocean as waterfalls provide an unbelievable sight to the beholder.

Daintree National Park Australia

If you couple it with the lush rainforest and the exotic wildlife of the area you get your self a perfect vacation spot. Getting there is tough, you will have to hire a 4wd for making the journey on the road to the coast but the roads are mere dirt tracks and become unpassable during the wet season. The best way to explore the area is by taking a cruise on a boat along the coast. If you are flying from outside the Australia then take a cheap flight to Sydney and then fly domestically to Darwin or Broome which have many cruise operators.