South Bank- The Beating Heart of Brisbane

We all know Brisbane for the neatly chalked out city that it is with its numerous hidden beauties and attractions. However, one place that is truly worth being highlighted for anyone who plans to book cheap flights to Brisbane is the South Bank or the Parklands of Brisbane, as the area is generally known.

It would not be an exaggeration to call the South Bank the heartbeat of Brisbane city for it is one area that shines at night with all its numerous attractions glowing at their peak under the dark twinkling sky. Holding the key to Brisbane’s cultural, recreational and entertainment scene, South Bank showcases the most eminent and famous of Brisbane attractions. Read along for a shot tour to some of the most striking of South Bank’s attractions.

Just adjacent to the Brisbane River are the widely stretched Parklands that extend up to 17 hectors of land. The Parklands are not only a picturesque sight and a serene hide out but is also studded with 20 different options for eateries, all matching varying tastes and pocket depths. Even more exciting a fact about these restaurants than their array of contemporary and international style delicacies is the way these restaurants are decorated.

The elegant décor, flashing a truly enchanting art of combining and decorating the natural flora and fauna of Brisbane, is what makes dinning at these ravishing restaurants even more special. The most chic of South Bank’s restaurants are clustered around the little Stanley Street and Riverfront. Among the most renowned and most-visited of these restaurants is the Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant, Amici’s South Bank for more casual alfresco dinning, Bamboo Basket and a bunch more.

Where the South Bank offers numerous options for delicious eateries on one side, on the other it has all the arrangements for all those extra calories that you juggle up along the day. By far, the South Bank is considered as the most appropriate and relaxing place for a jog, running, cycling, skating and other evening outdoor activities that would keep you active and upbeat. There are marked tracks along the Brisbane River that start and finish at the Parklands. Moreover, runners may chose from 3.35 Km to 8 Km routes.

The South Bank also has numerous surprises for visitors who would like to shop for goodies take back home and for shopaholics who long for quenching their thirst for shopping. With a number of stylish and most contemporary shopping malls, Little Stanley and Grey Street at South Bank are just the right choice for shopping lavishly or for giving yourself that much cherished Spa treatment. If you’re looking for a more casual and lighter dinning, the place has a wide collection of upbeat cafes and bars around the area. Try hanging out with friends or family at the Aqua, boost Juice, Brumby’s Go café or any other you may like.

For all the beauty and attractions that Brisbane is majorly famous for, you wouldn’t have to go much farther from the South Bank, for a large number of these mesmerizing sites and attractions are located in or around this marvelous piece of land. Of the most famous of these attractions that can easily be claimed as must-visits is the Streets Beach, the Wheel of Brisbane that gives an ultimate panoramic view of the city, the Opera Queensland, the Queensland Art Gallery, the luminous attractions of the Stanley Street, Grey Street and a whole lot more. 

Next time when you plan to buy those cheap tickets to Brisbane, Australia, do not forget to visit the South Bank for all the top Brisbane attractions combined in just one place.