Sydney Beyond the Icons

Whenever you arrive in a new city the first thing you want to visit is its icons and monuments. If you are in London for the first time then you’ll for sure want to see the London Eye or the Bridge, if you are in New York your first priority will be the Statue of Liberty or Time Square. But there is always something more than the icons in these cities that you miss out on because of these big ticket attractions. Same is the case with Sydney, you take direct flights to Sydney and the first thing you want to visit is the Sydney Harbor and the Opera house, and if you get time you will visit the Bondi beach but there is a lot more to the city than these icons. We have tried to point out some of them.

You can start exploring the city with your neighborhood; every neighborhood of Sydney has its own charms and lifestyle. Bondi is flashy with the most gorgeous beach of the continent, while the Paddington is full of designer boutiques that are a perfect spot for shopping of some trendy garments and the Newtown is the most peaceful of them all. For enjoying the best dinning, shopping and drinking experience in the city you can head to Surry Hills with its fine restaurants, bars and malls.

The best art galleries of the city are in the 2 Danks St. Mini galleries dot the waterloo street and you will find some great piece of arts in these galleries. For a great experience head to the Grand Museum of Contemporary arts located in the backstreet of the neighborhood, you will find the inspiring work of the some of the best artists of the country.

Take a relaxing walk in the botanical gardens of the city with the flowers, plants and bushes from all across the globe. It is a perfect spot to spend your afternoon and then dine in the open air cafes and restaurants of the gardens. Another good spot for a peaceful stroll in the city is from the Bondi beach to the Cogee with the stunning sea view and the soft sand under your feet. You will find many restaurants along your way to the Cogee which serve the best cuisine of the country.

Bondi is the most visited beach of Sydney but if you are looking for some privacy then head to Bronte or Tamarama beaches. You can find some deserted places on these pristine beaches perfect for a complete body tan. So next time you go to Sydney try to look beyond its icons and enjoy the real spirit of the city.