The Enchanting City of Melbourne

You just have to be inquisitive enough to explore the end less possibilities, so overlook what you think you know and see where the city escorts you, when it comes to Australia. Pleasure yourself with a break of indulgence, romance and luxury with cheap tickets to the land down under, the ravishing Australia. When we deem about Australia the next word that comes in our minds, beyond any doubt is “Melbourne” known as Australia’s “cultural capital” generating some enmity among itself and Sydney. Greater Melbourne is located around shoreline of the port Philip Bay while the central city rests in outsized rectangle on the banks of the Yarra River which on the whole gives a very scenic view of the city. Melbourne with all its magnetism is not only the second largest city but it is one of the nation’s earliest cities to be initiated by free men and women. Melbourne swanks amazing events, zeal for food and wine and stunning art scene. Celebrated as style setter Melbourne is a hub of glamorous programs, carnivals top-notch cuisine and melodic extravaganzas. This dynamic and cosmopolitan city has a lot more to offer which includes;

Federation Square Melbourne Australia

Federation Square: Federation Square is Victoria’s best destination for tourists. It is the highest flying spot and an exceptional area which brings different spheres of attractions together museums, galleries and the most excellent dining with its superb cafes, restaurants and bars. Federation Square is also a heart of Melbourne bustle with its guided tours and more than 2000 events detained annually consisting of film screenings, multicultural fiestas and sport events. There is so much else to see there, which includes Parks, Spaces and Melbourne Visitors Center.

Queen Victoria Market: Queen Victoria Market is the shopping hub as well as a historic marker for Melbournians’. This huge and vivacious centre of trade is a great place to feel the diverse civilization. More than one thousand traders sell everything here from colorful Australian fruits and vegetables local and imported epicure, meat, fish poultry, hardware to clothing, Australian artifacts and mementos. It is known as to be the largest open-air market of southern hemisphere. Street entertainment is also a very attractive feature of the Queen Victoria Market, predominantly on Sundays when it becomes a place of festival rides, coffee shops wine tasting, giving the opportunity to taste the state’s best wines with guided tours and much more.

Crown Casino Melbourne Australia

Crown Casino and Crown Complex: Crown Casino and Complex is a place that knows how to live. It is the largest Casino in Southern Hemisphere. It has infinite rows of gambling tables and slot machines. Apart from gambling there are a lot more other attraction. Crown Unit offers shopping, clubs restaurants, laser tag, live shows, bowling alleys and much much more. It presents one of the finest lines of dining and variety of cuisines by more than 40 restaurants. It has lavishly appointed guestrooms and theme park for 24-hour excitement.

Melbourne Aquarium: From the moment you step inn the Melbourne Aquarium, Be prepared for anything because you will come face to face with Sharks, giant crabs, blood sucking leeches and famous Australian spiders. It is a 360 degree Oceanarium with so much to show off that one won’t believe until you see it. It is located along the bank of Yarra River and it’s a life time opportunity to visit this aquarium with colourful Christmas Island Crabs and crafty Coconut Crabs. As it is famous “There is always some thing new to SEA at Melbourne Aquarium.” In short Melbourne is a thrilling spot to be this winters, as the city illuminate glamoursly and shows off an amazing art of lighting and glitter. See the city like you have never seen it prior to. Get a cheap flight to your dream vacation destination and enjoy more, than what you are expecting.