Unspoiled Innes National Park in the Yorke Peninsula, Australia

The problem with the national parks is that most of them are managed in such a manner that they give an impression of artificial habitat for the wildlife living there. And the second problem is because of the high tourist traffic that spoils the natural sense of the parks. While this is true for most of the national parks worldwide but the Innes National park located on the southern tip of the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia is an exception. If there was an award for the most unspoiled national park in the world Innes National Park would have been the winner without a doubt.

The attractions in the park varies by the person, if you are the adventurous kind and especially a surfer then competing in the Cutloose RipCurl Yorke classic will be a dream comes true. Although there are a many places in Australia where you can enjoy good surf but the Yorke Peninsula is making a name for itself because of the unspoiled natural surroundings and some quite strong surf. If you are not a surfer then you can venture into the Innes National Park and observe its wildlife which is unique to Australia, especially the icon of Australian wildlife the Kangaroos. If you stay close to the coast then there is a fair bit of chance of getting a clear view of the whales and dolphins passing the peninsula.

The Yorke Peninsula is the favorite vacation spot for the Adelaideans that take a 1 hour drive to reach this beautiful place and spend some quality family time in gorgeous surroundings. If you are travelling from outside the Australia then the best option for you is to get direct flights to Adelaide and hire a car for your journey to the Yorke Peninsula. The area is also great for a relaxing vacation that may include lying on its white sandy beaches and fishing in its coastal waters that are rich in marine life. If you are interested then you can hire scuba diving and snorkeling kit from the resorts close by and indulge yourself in diving in its clear waters. 

Most people especially the Adelaideans choose the Yorke Peninsula and the Innes National Park as one day tour to relax and take break from their daily routine life but if you want to stay a little longer then cheap accommodation is available in the hotels of the area.