Exotic Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and there are plenty of them all across the country’s long coast line but most people just stick to the Bondi Beach in Sydney. But what if you are not landing in Sydney, well as I said there are plenty of gorgeous beaches all over the country. Let’s say you take a cheap flight to Perth and now you want to relax on a white sandy beach, where would you head for? If you have travelled to Perth before then you must already know about the magnificent Cottlesloe Beach. If there was a competition for the premier beach of Perth then Cottlesloe will be the champion and by a fair margin too.

Cottlesloe is the most famous beach in Perth and you will find it swarmed by the visitors on Sundays but the weekdays are very crowdie too. The biggest attraction is the beach itself with its bone white sand and clear water perfect for a relaxing vacation but also for indulging into some exciting activities like surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. The other attraction is the number of restaurants and pubs around the beach along the towering Norfolk pine trees. The beach is a must see place if you are coming to the Perth for the first time and once you have visited the place you will surely be forced by its beauty and tranquility to return again.

The southern part of the beach close to the Rockwell is the obvious choice if you are visiting the place with your family as it is one of the most protected part of the beach and the water around it is patrolled frequently by the life guards. This will be the place where you will find most of the visitors heading to on the weekends and the place get quite crowdie on the sundays. Its clear waters are perfect for swimming, just be careful not to swim outside the flags placed by the lifeguards as the waters along the beach is quite calm but just outside the beach is rough and can be dangerous.

There are a few attractions for the kids in this part of the beach that includes slides and a kid’s swimming pool. The best restaurants of the area are along this part of the beach and they can provide you an awesome dinning experience, unlike Bondi in Sydney alcohol is allowed in Cottlesloe and taking a sip of the Western Australia’s special wine while watching the sun set in the Indian Ocean will surely be a memorable experience.

Cottlesloe was the beach that introduced the fun of Surfing to the Western Australia and you will still find quite a few of the surfing enthusiasts in the area. If you are interested in taking part in the sport then you can always join them in the area close to Rotten Island. Even if you are not a pro you can just sit and enjoy the show the other surfers provide to the people on the beach. In the same area you can scuba dive if you have the license to do so, as the water is clear and the marine life is exotic so it will surely be an awesome activity.