The Promised Wonderland, Byron Bay

Great Barrier Reef may be the chest that holds the natural wonders of Australia and Sydney may be the city with the most hip lifestyle of the country. But if you want to visit a place in Australia that is a natural wonderland and has the liveliest lifestyle in the country, then head to the Byron Bay. It has every thing you can dream of, long sandy beaches, excellent settings, top notch hotels and resorts, vibrant nightlife and some of the best restaurants of the country. It’s a perfect place for spending an enjoyable weekend but it packs enough in itself that you can spend a whole summer vacation here.

The town has its own small airport but if you are flying form outside Australia then the best option will be to take a cheap flight to Sydney and then either take a connecting flight to Byron Bay or make the rest of the journey by road. The Byron Bay area has become the most favorite destination for the tourists heading to the northern coast of the country and you will find thousands of them flocking its beaches and the surrounding area. The one reason that makes so many people choose this area for their vacations is the amount of activities one can indulge in, almost all kind of tourists find some thing to their liking in this gorgeous place.

If you are on a long vacation then first spend a few days on its magnificent white beaches, probably take a relaxing walk from the Byron Bay to Look out point Light house about 4 km from the main town. The nightlife of Byron bay is considered as one of the most lively and enjoyable in whole of Australia and you will find a lot of bars and clubs all across the town especially along the beaches. There are quite a lot of restaurants around the beach area that provide an excellent dinning experience in their perfect settings. Thou it depends upon the season in which you arrive in Byron bay but the accommodation here is quite cheap if you compare with places like Whitsunday Island.

The area around the bay is perfect for surfing and you will find quite a lot of adventurous surfers in the waters along the bay area, you can always join them if you feel like it. If surfing is not your thing then you can snorkel in the clear waters of the area and observe the exotic marine life of Byron Bay up close.

Byron Bay is considered as the cheapest of the scuba diving destinations, you can get a scuba diving license here for as low as 50 Pounds and it is quite easy to pass the test depending upon how hard you try to learn the art of diving. The water is perfect for scuba diving and you can hire the equipment from the local resorts. You can also kayak in the cape Byron area or visit one of many circuses here to see the exhibitionist dolphins.