Western Australia’s Wild West

Western Australia is not all about the metropolis of Perth or the beaches close to it in fact these are just one aspect of this huge state of Australia. The state’s second largest town of Kalgoorlie has a completely different atmosphere than Perth altogether, while Perth being the capital of the state and the center of the financial and political activity of today’s Western Australia, Kalgoorlie is from where the state rose to prominence in the country. This southern outback town, about 600 km from the city of Perth, is still the most prosperous gold town in the country and this is the closest place you can get to the Wild West in the 21st century.

Although the city has its own airport but if you are flying from outside of the country then the best option will be to take a cheap flight to Perth and then take a connecting flight to Kalgoorlie. The first thing that you will notice here is its extra ordinary wide streets; the reason for them being so wide is the use of the camel trains to move the mining equipment within the city before the automobile era. As the city acts as a resting ground for the tired miners of the neighboring areas so there are all kind of hotels in the city that caters to the tourists of all kind of taste and budgets.

The city was built in 1893 as a result of the discovery of huge Gold and Nickel reserves in the area and since then the mining industry has played the most important part in the economy and social life of the citizens. This scramble for the gold made Kalgoorlie the wild west of Australia and this impression has not lost its worth even now as you will find the pubs and bars of the city flocked with the miners who are there to spend each penny of their extra cash for having a good time before heading back to the hectic job of mining.

Try to spend a few hours in one of its many bars and pubs and try to chat with these miners; you will surely have a wonderful time. There are quite a lot of nightclubs in the city and as most of the workers are the emigrants from eastern Australia who stay away from their homes for a long interval of time so there a quite a few brothels in the northern part of the city.

To get a better idea about the history of the city and the region pay a visit to Kagoorlie Boulder National Museum with its many late 19th century’s photographs and a few renovated buildings. If you are interested in gold mining and want to know about the mining in Kagoorlie you can visit the Mining Hall of Fame which other than its quite a few historical artifacts also provides a simulated tour of a gold mine and take you through the processes of the gold mining. This will surely be an informative tour for the younger ones. As you will be in the outback so you can always hire a 4wd and head to the vast desert around the city and enjoy the outback the Australian way.