The Beautiful Lake House at Daylesford

Lake House Daylesford Australia

A beautiful and tranquil retreat that features suites and guest rooms in either a lodge or waterfront setting is none other than the stunning Lake House. The fruitful and abundant gardens occupy almost 6 acres of land and stretches down towards the lake water of Daylesford and the tourists can easily head towards the Wombat State Forest and the lake shore. The place tempts all those people who take cheap flights to Victoria and plan to explore the eye catchy places of the region. Once you step into the lush green gardens you will be amazed to observe the wide array of edible flowers and herbs, planted in the Kitchen Garden.

The Orchards areas consist of medlar, quince, apple, stone fruits, crabapple and olives. The place also houses the earliest planting of pin oaks, Lombardy poplars, Yunnan and stringy barks that now features the canopy of kookaburras, cockatoos , gang gangs, currajongs and rosellas. The garden is also beautifully speckled with the myriad of artwork and sculptures. The quieter nooks like the pavilion and Extensive outdoor lakefront terraces that dominate the full sized tennis court offers many leisure and entertainment activities.

The rooms are just superb and are beautifully equipped with all the modern and classic amenities of this world. There are 33 sleek accommodations that cover the land area of more than 2.5 hectares and the ambiance is very much welcoming and tranquil that also inspires a large number of coming guests. The rooms are categorized as Lodge rooms, Waterfront rooms, Waterfront suites and the Retreat. The dining section is also contemporary and the kitchen produces every single thing under the supervision of Head Chef David Green and Executive Chef Alla Wolf Tasker.

From an extensive charcuterie range to house baked breads, the dining areas serve everything. The best specialties are goat’s milk cheese, sheep, fresh water fish, grass fed beef, rare breed pork and local lamb. The windfalls from local gardens and heirloom fruit from old orchards also reach the kitchen. You can also get plenty of information about the memorable dishes and favorite season from the regular guests of this boutique hotel.

They would definitely take the names of the spring lamb with asparagus and morels, Farrow in Autumn and the butter poached pheasant with chestnuts. You should also try Murray Cod and trout, eel, the truffled Pecorino tart with artichokes Barigoule, chicken of summer with corn and yabbies and the duck with orange braised witlof.

The hotel also houses an elegant spa area that is well equipped with many different therapies and techniques-you can opt from Signature Treatments, Body Treatments & Massage, Premium Facials, Retreats For Two, Hydrotherapy & Beauty, Little Extras. A special reservation is required before you enter the spa so make sure to get an appointment. You can also many other activities at the hotel such as Catch a speckled trout, Take a stroll through the pristine nearby Wombat State Forest, great Dividing Trail and Dry Diggings Track, Visit the studios of local artists , Don a chef’s coat and enjoy a cooking class and Enjoy the quirky shops and markets.