The First Dedicated Art Hotel Henry Jones, Australia

Henry Jones Art Hotel Interior

Situated on the stunning and captivating Hobart’s waterfront- the Henry Jones Art is one amazing and awe-inspiring establishment of Australia and was actually used as a Jam factory-now complexly transformed into an enchanting and enthralling world-class building. The location is very significant and notable with its history dating back to 1804. The people come here frequently to observe the tempting art-work in more immediate and modern way (more than 300 artworks, the hotel is furnished with).

The hotel has specially designed to feature the blend of nature, tradition, heritage and art and thus attracts a large variety of art-lovers who take flights to Hobart. The hotel’s functionality and beauty has also been defined in terms of classic art. With the passage of time it has won plenty of awards for its service, design, accommodation, dining (was opened for public in 2004 and the Pure Tasmania purchased it in 2007).

There are 56 beautiful suites and rooms that feature contemporary art and present the hotel’s history with mind blowing and impressive decor. You would undoubtedly be fascinated with the combination of ultra modern and antique design in every single room. The room serves as the genuine emblem of vibrant history of the rich legacy of trade and the early European settlement. The rooms are divided as the Peacock Terrace, H.Jones Suites, Oriental Suites, Deluxe Spa Harbour View Rooms, Deluxe Spa Rooms, Superior Harbour View Rooms, Standard Harbour View Rooms, Standard Rooms and Artist Studio Lofts- each one of them features a lavish king or queen size bed that is complemented by exotic silk covers, magnificent sandstone walls, translucent glass and European style stainless steel bathrooms.

You will be amazed to see the spectacular views of Mt Wellington, the stunning glass atrium and the working harbour from majority of the rooms. The variety of original art works that have been exhibited by the public spaces and the rooms can be purchased as well. The signature restaurant of the hotel is Henry that is very popular for featuring an exceptional menu. There is young Brigade of Chefs who has created many innovative and unique dishes for this flagship restaurant.

The hotel also features a long list of many amazing drinks and wines along with the excellent international and national varieties. So step in and experience the fabulous service, good cheer and the extra-ordinary talent of the staff. The I- excel gym is another worth-visiting area of the hotel that is well-equipped with a spacious stretching area, weight machines and the latest cardio equipments. It also includes the water fountains, change rooms and many other amazing facilities for the coming guests. Stepping out of the building.

You can also easily head towards many captivating and appealing sites of Hobart which serves the land of sandstone, seafood, sunshine and sails. You can travel towards Port Arthur , Tahune Airwalk , Peppermint Bay, Mt Wellington and the famous Salamanca Market so gear up for travelling to Hobart.