Cruise Holiday Trips In Australia

To experience Australia at its best, go cruising along the magnificent coastline. You can wake up to a new destination each day! From the famous Great Barrier Reef or the Australian Outback, Sydney Harbour to Murray River, experience it all aboard a luxury cruise. The breathtaking view from aboard a swanky cruise ship would enhance doubly if you add to it first class service, expensive wine, gourmet dining, and lots of fun with family and friends. I actually took off from work and went on a cruising holiday for a few days! My boss assumed that I was going away to the Caribbean’s or some place equally exotic but his face showed a suspicious expression when I said I would be cruising in the county itself! Must have thought I’ve gone nuts.Snorkel

Anyway I wanted to get first-hand knowledge about what it was all about and what a trip it was!  Well, you might want to give it a shot some time – totally worth it. Take a look at the best cruising hotspots below.

The Great Barrier Reef would be my top suggestion. The world’s largest coral reef that contains abundance of marine life, 3000 individual reef systems and hundreds of picturesque tropical islands. It is labeled as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world can even be seen from space! What better than a cruise to experience it up close! There are cruise packages that vary from two nights/one day to seven nights in a row. Take your pick and get ready to witness one of the most fascinating sights.

The beautiful outer reef locations of Moore, Thetford, Milln and Flynn, just 40 km east of Cairns are must visit locations.  Go snorkeling, diving, and later have a relaxing lunch on board. Tried making the seared mahi mahi at home but could not get the flavors right- what a shame. If you are on a 3 day cruise, Nathan Reef, Dunk Island, Perlorus Islands should not be missed. As you soak in all the sun on the deck and the gentle breeze, you will feel all your troubles and worries going poof!Cairns Cruise Terminal

Make it a point to visit the Whitsunday Islands. This is the best sailing and cruising destinations of the country. Sydney Harbor weekend cruise is another option that you might want to consider. Witness the breathtaking sunset over the sails of the Sydney Opera House, sparkling dawn on the cliffs of North Shore and explore the history of The Rocks.

One of the best things about cruises is that you never run out of things to do! I tried my luck at the casino- let’s admit there are certain things in life that you’re bad at and it doesn’t change no matter what. End of discussion.  After the sun goes down on a beautiful day of exploring the bounty of the sea, retire back to the deck and indulge in a game of pool or some finest music (that’s what I did) as you sip from the bubbly and synchronize your steps with the live orchestra. Dig into a sumptuous spread of finest authentic seafood – best of lobsters, clams, oysters, and enjoy every moment of your stay on the pretty as a picture cruise

To get the taste of Australia’s authentic culture, opt for a Murray River Cruise. The aboriginal culture and backwater wildlife boat tour is something you should look forward to. Capture the breathtaking landscapes of cliffs, gorges and bio- diverse wetlands. Carry an extra memory card for your camera-you are going to have to resist clicking away and capturing all the wonderful sights you come across!  Visit the historic ports and lush vineyards; take a trip to Barossa Valley.

If you are ready to take cruising to the next level, choose a ten day cruise package. The Kimberly is one of the world’s most remote areas. The savannah plains, secluded waterfalls – discover Australia’s unspoilt heartland. The cruises generally start from Broome and finish at Darwin. Don’t miss the Cape York Peninsula, Coburg Peninsula, and Arnhem experience

Contact your travel agent, if you have one and go through the brochures and booklets.  Once you are browsing through for a good couple of days, there is no stopping you. You are going to end up making reservations. I might sound smug but that’s what had happened to me too! So…come, experience the Down under like never before.

Author Bio:  John is an ardent outdoor enthusiast who has a special interest in fishing and boating. He hails from Australia and has travelled to almost all the wonderful places in the country for one of kind experiences. He is also a proficient author of several outdoor articles on travel with a bias towards boating and fishing.