Sydney Opera House, Surely a Place to be


View of the Sydney Opera House as the night comes near

If you want to experience the true delight of sunset on this planet, you certainly need to visit Sydney Opera house situated in New South Wales Australia. In its true glory, Sydney Opera House stays suspended in the sea, glittering and gleaming, with its beautiful lights and intricately cut marble reflections. Every angle of this 20th century wonder is crafted with an absolute skill which mesmerizes every soul that visits the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House is a hub of performing arts and its visitors can expect to find the best of theatre, ballet and dance performances under its spherical section shell shaped roof. Many of the Opera House visitors resemble the spherical section roof of the building with the sails of the ships that are also floating in front and around of the Opera House adding to its beauty. Tourists who are not very fond of the opera visit the building to see its wonderful architecture which constitutes of glazed white granite tiled roof and pink granite house interior.

Sydney Opera house contains 1000 rooms along with breathtaking and magnificent five theatres, five rehearsal studios, four restaurants, six bars and numerous souvenir shops where you can find the best and most beautiful crystals and artifacts from all over the world. Hence booking of cheap flights to Sydney is a must this year if you would like to explore a marvelous attraction in Australia.

The concert hall of Sydney Opera House is a sight to relish for a lifetime. It contains world’s largest Opera House Grand Organ which is largest mechanical tracker with 10,000 pipes.  Opera House Grand Organ is a sight and experience which its tourists look back to even years after their visit. This is certainly not all. As being a true house of art, Opera House offers you large free public performances which are unique and absolutely amazing near its monumental steps which later lead into the main sets of shells.  Theatres and concert halls can house 2679 guests while the Opera Theatre can accommodate 1547 guests. Special Drama Theatre, Play House and Studio Theatre can contain 1547, 544 and 398 seats respectively.

The Great Opera house is a sight which is unique and different every time you visit it. Its design is a marvel of art and architecture. A tourist of today certainly lacks a very important chapter in his travel book if he has not been to Sydney Opera theatre. When you plan your visit, remember to keep the lenses of your camera on the go as every inch of the Opera Theatre is a sight to capture. When the evening falls on the Sydney Opera Theatre, its lights make sure to that they shine to make every sight captivating and eye catching. The sea line is one of the most amazing views as you can see the evening sun drowning deep into the sea and being covered with the veil of night. The aura which dwells at the Opera Theatre is surely one of its kinds!

Restaurants at Sydney Opera Theatre provide you with the best and most sumptuous of Australian cuisines. One of the best places to be at the Sydney Opera Theatre is its Formal Dining Restaurant which is made under the smaller set of shells near the monumental steps. Here you can experience one of the best formal dinner served in its complete luxury and sophistication.

Guides can be found easily around the Sydney Opera theatre and it will be wonderful if you find one. They can guide you through the amazing path ways and hemispheres of the theatre and explain you the art and history attached to this magnanimous master piece. Sydney Opera Theatre is not just one place; it’s a complete story, an art, a picture which has as many interpretations as many glimpses you shower upon it. Its every angle is unique with its own brilliant story with thousand words and with each word more beautiful than before. You are surely missing out on something divine if you have not seen this wonderful masterpiece on our planet.