The Merry Melbourne Attractions

If you wish to indulge yourself in some of the finest recreational, shopping and leisure associated amenities then heading to the majestic city of Melbourne might just do wonders for you. Here at Melbourne you have an array of classy, avant-garde, hip and trendy options to latch onto offering the discerning tourists and travelers just the perfect stimulus they have long been yearning for so for all those well heeled and A-listed travelers get your cheap tickets to Melbourne now.

It’s not easy to uncover all the glitzy attractions Victoria is laced with so here we have combined a list of some of the finest attractions and amenities here at Melbourne in order to enable you to make some easy choices while here. From state of the amusement parks, striking museums hosting large treasure troves, mesmerizing wildlife and sprawling goldrush architecture on display, welcome to Melbourne.

Old Melbourne Gaol Crime Exterior view

Visit the Old Melbourne Gaol Crime & Justice Experience

Whether or not you have an appreciation for law and relics of the past, heading to Melbourne’s oldest criminal system / jail in the daytime or making your way at nighttime might offer you some great sights. The experience is enough riveting in itself and you also come across the places where worlds some of the most notorious criminals were housed. The walls of this legendary precinct are definitely worth your time so make your bookings now. Whether its family, peers or you are simply alone, the experience is equally rewarding and satisfying.

Melbourne Museum Exterior view

Heading to the Melbourne Museum

For those of you travelers who are highly intrigued by the rich cultural and historical heritage of then vouching for the Melbourne Museum precinct is definitely highly recommended. The museum offers a wonderful fusion and a timeless display of history, local cultures, baffling science and environmental displays which are not only thought provoking but also extremely indulging. The place is also home to the IMAX Theater so rest assured, the fun just doesn’t end at the Melbourne Museum. For those with toddlers, kids and friends, there’s a lot for the taking so make your moves now and book your cheap flight deals to Australia now.

Federation Square Melbourne Australia

Federation Square Trip

Heading to one of the most buzzing areas of Melbourne is always a good idea for those who have a tolerance for frenetic crowds. Here you would come across a wide range of amazing entertainment and recreational options which include but are not limited to laying your hands on a wide range of quality merchandise, essential souvenirs, event launches, seasonal festivals, films, concerts and a host of lots of other rich culinary diversity which is a feast for the travelers.

Eureka Skydeck 88 Melbourne Australia

Eureka Skydeck 88

Propel your way up via two dedicated lifts and trust what you see. Here at the top of the 88th Floor you would come across simply mind boggling views of the entire Melbourne city which are a pure feast for the eyes. Hold your horses for the switchable cutting edge cubical which slides you out of the building, so get your budget airfare deals now.