Queenstown, a Heaven in Oceania

Cableways Queenstown Australia

The venue for some sunlit adventure, Queenstown has it all designed and prepared for a special purpose. When it comes to its rivers there is kayaking and rafting to channel through the gorges, when it comes to its ridges and valleys there is bungee jumping, and when it comes to its snow-capped peaks there is snowboarding over smoother sections of its slopes. After all, there is so much to offer for a cheapest flights to Queenstown. To bring outdoor entertainment to the hilt, the Skyline Queenstown is the venue for getting to know the perfect family friendly adventure. The entire complex is situated upon a height, which is accessed with gondola cableways from the base.

These cableways consist of glass window cabins to give a complete view of the ride, while the venue also has a fully refurbished continental restaurant to give a view across the entire skyline. The luge Track consists of paved smooth tracks which wind down the entire slope, allowing competitors to contest full fledge races from the top to bottom. Luge carts available for the track are different than go carts, which certain accessories and controls completely different along with the structural design. A neighboring bike park also is an additional option for utilizing earthen tracks for dirt biking or cycling tours through the wilderness.

Lake Moke Queenstown Australia

Apart from the gigantic lake Wakatipu, Lake Moke is an additional body of water neighboring Queenstown. The lake is easily visible from flights to Queenstown flying overhead the city. It faces the feet of different valleys clustered in its surroundings, while its crystal clear waters are a haven for nature lovers seeking an isolated refuge. Conserving indigenous birdlife and wildlife under professional support of a dedicated staff, the Kiwi Birdlife Park is the largest natural project in the city.

The park has provided a sanctuary for many unique species, while providing an opportunity to carry a personalized observation for witnessing them in a controlled environment. Programs for visitors to witness include birdlife rehabilitation program for rescued species from the wild, guided tours within the premises while venturing through the forests and various breeding and reintroduction programs.

Interaction with the famous Kiwi can be done during feeding sorties which are planned throughout the day. Care to explore life under the sea along the coasts of Queenstown? The underwater aquarium trails a glass tube across the bottom so as to allow a three dimensional observation of all aquatic life of all shapes and sizes. Along with shoals of fish, turtles and other species are also present in the same aquarium.

Queenstown Ice Arena Australia

Indoor sports can also be availed for playing in a controlled environment. The Queenstown Ice Arena has a skating field to let skaters flourish their skills to a finish. The city has taste for ice hockey, a sport which is mostly mainstream in the United States. The Arena also fulfils the role for being the venue of official ice hockey matches organized in the facility. For a hard-wired target practice session, a simulated gunfight among peers would get the adrenaline pumping for even the strong hearted. The Queenstown Paintball centre is set within the wilderness to expose target men in a real environment. The facility has established bunkers complete with tactical gear and some of the most advanced paintball equipment to let players get the best of what they need.