The Amazing Adelaide Festival Center

Adelaide Festival Center Exterior view

The first multi-purpose arts centre of Australia, the Adelaide Festival Centre is the dazzling gem of the country that shines in the heart of Adelaide city and captures the attention of a large variety of people from all around the world. The history goes back to 1973 when it was opened for public (it was 3 months before the opening of Sydney Opera House), and since then, it has been alluring multitudes of all those travelers who take cheap flights to Adelaide. It is well settled almost 50 meters in the northern part of King William Street and at the edge of North Terrace, in a very close vicinity to the shores of the River Torrens.

The three silvery-white geometric dome roofs are the distinguished and the most amazing feature of this attraction, and it also features a plaza that lies on an 45-degree angle to the grid of the city and comprises a lego block-like structures. The place is very famous for being the home of South Australia’s performing arts and that’s why it is frequented by hundreds of locals as well as the foreigners. The Center is highly popular for the biennial Adelaide International Guitar Festival, OzAsia Festival in September and the annual Adelaide Cabaret Festival in June.

The construction took place in 3 different phases, and the whole process was completed in a decade. It has been divided in various sections, and each one was built in different frames of time. The major parts of the center are the Festival Theatre (very famous for being the largest proscenium arch theatre of the city that can easily accommodate more than 2000 people at a single time. It is used as a concert hall and lyric theatre as well.

There is a huge backstage area and this region also features the Silver Jubilee Organ), the Dunstan Playhouse (it is well settled in the Drama Centre and is highly known as the intimate venue that features a seating arrangement for almost 620 people), Her Majesty’s Theatre (it was constructed in 1913 and is very commonly called as the Tivoli. There are 1009 seats in this part of the centre), the Space Theatre (an extremely versatile studio theatre that is very unique as well- it has fixed seating or no traditional stage, the configuration is completely flexible and it can be used for any purpose.

It can easily accommodate the maximum of 35 people at a time), the Artspace Gallery ( it is located in the 2nd building and hosts a wide variety of performances) and the Amphitheatre ( the outdoor venue that provides seating to almost 600 people at a single time). Many recent developments have been going on in this large center, and there are many other captivating highlights that you can enjoy in this jaw dropping the structure so just get ready and pack up your belongings for an exciting trip to Adelaide.