The Jaw Dropping Light House Hotels in Australia

Formerly used to guide ships, there are many maritime marvels that are now welcoming all those travelers who capture cheap flights to Australia. There are more than 350 lighthouses that have speckled the coastal cliff tops of the country- majority of them have been transformed into luxurious hotels. These are genuinely the maritime relics that have caught the eye of the world and now inspire multitudes of travelers with the beautifully refurbished keeper’s cottage designs. Some of the most breath-taking and magical settlements are described as below.

Byron Bay Lighthouse and Cottages Australia

Byron Bay Lighthouse and Cottages

If you are taking cheap airline flights to New South Wales, then just don’t miss the opportunity to hit the spectacular site of Byron Bay Lighthouse and Cottages. It’s located on that point that offers you a mesmerizing sunrise scene. You would also love to spot migrating humpback whales in this vantage point of Australia. Let’s move away from the hippie vibe of the nearby region and relax in this little slice of serenity. The painfully beautiful Wategos Beach is the most jaw dropping part of this marvelous destination that can easily accessed from the two renovated self-contained cottages.

Cape Otway Lightstation Australia

Cape Otway Lightstation

Another fabulous and fantastic light house settlement is Cape Otway Lightstation that is located along the side of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and features a café that is perched on the top. It is a stopover for all those adventurers and thrilling tourists who travel towards the 104-kilometer Great Ocean trail. This place offers you the awe-inspiring and the picturesque views of the ocean.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse Australia

Smoky Cape Lighthouse

The Smoky Cape Lighthouse is another popular structure that features an octagonal-shaped building and inspires every single visitor that comes here. It is perched on the Hat Head National Park that is easily accessible from the South West Rocks. The history dates back to 1891, but the cottages have recently been renovated and offer your ultimate luxury and comfort in the form of many contemporary amenities and facilities. Each beloved guest is provided with bed and breakfast – you would love to wake in the morning , having the magical site of the picturesque landscapes, clearly visible from the veranda. There are some wonderful trails as well so the place also offers your entertainment and amusement apart from the luxurious and ultra-modern accommodations.

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse Australia

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse

All those travelers who are taking cheap tickets to Sydney, just get ready to experience the most memorable and mind blowing visit of your life- the iconic Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse is one amazing and astonishing settlement of the country that leaves all of its admirers in awe. Just travel towards the northern part of Sydney and hit the jaw dropping and peaceful site of Myall Lakes National Park- you are in heaven.

The place is equipped with three heritage cottages that are very famous for the toothpaste-white picket fencing and the manicured lawn. From the Port Stephens in the south to the Crowdy Head in the north, this place offers you the panoramic view of each and every single point that comes within these 2 glamorous destinations. Although the place is known to be the home of outstanding luxury and tranquility but plenty of travelers just love to gaze at the magical vistas.

Kangaroo Island Lighthouses Australia

Kangaroo Island Lighthouses

The oldest one of Southern Australia whose history dates back to 1852 is none other than the Kangaroo Island lighthouses- basically there are 3 of them and each one of them is just superb. The dramatic sea views are the major highlights, and their position is also very amazing- you can easily explore the parks, seal colonies, trails and many other attractive parts of the island.