Be a Part of the Amazing Auckland Writers and Readers Festival

Auckland Writers and Readers Festival Poster

Auckland offers your intellect a pure delight in the form of Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. Auckland Writers and Readers Festival has been successfully carrying its legacy forward since 1999 and today it is one of the best literature fest in the world. This amazing Festival has been attended by more than 180,000 people from around the globe who are avid readers and writers.

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Auckland Writers and Readers Festival is taking place from 15th May to 19th May 2013. So literature lovers will be having good five days to look for the best of writers and books. You will be amazed as you will be finding eclectic collections of savvy books under one roof. Many book launches, by both new and seasoned writers, will also be taking place during the festival so you can buy first edition copies of your favorite books autographed by the authors.

Auckland Writers and Readers Festival is not just about buying and selling of written word or books. It is much more than that. It serves as a comprehensive platform where both readers and writers can interact with each other. It is also a platform where readers and readers come together along with writers and writers. This brilliant festival allows all families of literature lovers to come together and learn from each other. You will be able to listen to renowned authors and their genuine and unique ideas behind their work.

Auckland Writers and Readers Festival New Zealand

You will also be able to go through book reviews and best seller books so that you can choose your reads according to your taste. Meeting new people who are just as fond of literature as you will allow you to learn from their tastes and discover new dimensions in the field of literature. Auckland Writers and Readers Festival will definitely enrich your taste about books and their kinds. This festival will also allow you to share your experiences with books and literature and learn from the experiences of your fellow readers and writers.

To be a part of this amazing and fulfilling festival, all you need to do is reserve your cheap airlines to New Zealand now and fly to Auckland to enjoy Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. This festival is completely worth attending and it will most certainly expand your literature dimensions to vast areas by acquainting you with new books and new writers. You will develop new tastes in reading and will be having new favorite books. This festival is nothing less than a treat for all of you literature lovers.