Sydney’s Amazingly Close Shark Encounters at Shark Dive Extreme

Sydney is a holiday paradise: A city which is short of nothing. Name it and Sydney has it. From picturesque scenery to architectural finery, Sydney excels being a perfect holiday destination by all means and standards. A vacation spend in this marvelous city can be nothing less than ideal. You will love everything that you experience and will make wonderful fond memories that you will be cherishing for years to come. Book your cheap flights to Sydney and fly to this amazing city with your loved ones to take a good break from your routine life. Spend moments of complete relaxation and utter joy refreshing your soul inside out.

Sydney offers you a plethora of amazing activities to choose from and it most certainly have something for everyone: for all age groups and for all interests. If you are a thrill lover, we will suggest you to try the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary Shark Dive Extreme which is one of the most stupendous activities offered to tourists in Sydney. This amazing activity is wonderfully adventurous yet very safe and people with no diving experience can try this very easily.

Shark Dive Extreme Sydney Divers

You may use a package holiday which can get you good discounts on the tickets by buying tickets online and reserving a place for you beforehand. Reserving tickets is a good option as then you can plan the rest of your exciting vacation at Sydney accordingly. You can visit the very user friendly website of Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and Wild Life Extreme to book your passes.

Manly Sea Life and Shark Dive Extreme have very cooperative and friendly trainers who are able to train everyone for this wonderful challenge. They excel at training the beginners too. The session takes 3 hours to 4 hours. As you go to the Shark Dive Extreme, first the trainers explain the whole procedure to you. Afterwards the trainers take you to the costume place and provide you with all the gear and oxygen cylinders that you will need. After putting the gear on, trainers accompany you to a water pool where they demonstrate you with the entire process carefully explaining all the underwater signs and communication methods. They also explain you the correct swimming postures and safety measures.

Shark Dive Extreme Sydney Australia

After all of this process and procedures, you will be taken to the pool with sharks. The sharks are from 1 to 3 meters in length and are the called the Grey Nurse Sharks. Trainers enter the water with you to help you and guide you all through this thrilling and exciting experience. You will love every moment that you will spend underwater with these gorgeous creatures.

Even after you would be done in about half an hour, you will stay stunned for days about how easy this supposedly adventurous and thrilling experience was. You can also take underwater pictures which will remind you of all the fond memories that you spend at Shark Dive Extreme. To try this amazing and interesting experience, book your cheap tickets to Australia now and fly to Sydney. This experience will be one of its kind and something you will be looking back to for years to come.