The Most Inviting and Appealing Sydney Beaches

The coastal shores and harbor inlets make the white sandy and serene beaches of Sydney, the best of best. It’s very hard to list all of them in a single writing as each one is highly appealing and magnetic and leaves every coming traveler in awe. There are more than 100 beaches that have dotted the beautiful and mesmerizing coastline of Sydney- from north to south, there is no dearth of picturesque and jaw dropping beach areas. Some of the most notable and significant beaches that dazzle like a gem in the crown of Sydney and captures the attention of multitudes of all those tourists who take cheap flights to Australia are described as below.

Palm Beach Sydney Australia

Palm Beach

This beach serves to be the most important part of “insular peninsula” and is well settled in the far northern region. The place is highly appreciated for endless celebrity spotting and for the scene of the long-running “Home and Away”. The salt water lagoon is the major highlight of this beach, and it also offers plenty of mind blowing and breath-taking views to the people who come here. This beach is a postcard-perfect sand destination that is located some 45 kilometers away in the northern part of the city center. It’s worth a dive and provides the beloved travelers the most memorable experience of the lives.

Garie Beach Sydney Australia

Garie Beach

This beach is well settled in the Royal National Park, almost 54 kilometers in the southern part of the city. This place isn’t one for beach-lovers without a car. It is large but very much alluring and spectacular. The beach is the perfect spot for a relaxing day and is well preserved. It features a great fishing spot off the east-facing rocks and is also famous for the facilities that are top-notch.

Freshwater Beach Sydney Australia

Freshwater Beach

The superb is often produced at “Freshie” that is flanked by headlands. It’s the place where Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku first introduced surfing to the magical and the marvelous land of Australia. The history dates back to 1915. It is one of the best-loved and darling spot for surfers that feature the stretch of more than 300 meters. It is also the ideal destination for sunset body surf. if you move towards the northern end , you will also be able to locate the eight-lane rock pool.

North Narrabeen Beach Sydney Australia

North Narrabeen Beach

Boasting some of the most amazing and adventurous surf, this beach is the genuine source of temptation for board enthusiasts that come here from all the corners of the planet. It is a surfer’s destination that features a long sandy strip and is very popular for being the best spot for swimming in Sydney.

Clovelly Beach Sydney Australia


All those people who are interested in Snorkeling- the Clovelly beach offers all of them the most amazing and unforgettable experience of life that has no comparison to any other beach. It is a tranquil and small stretch of land that is protected and is located far away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of life.

Camp Cove Beach Sydney Australia

Camp Cove

The charming and captivating destination that is known for some of the most breath-taking and spectacular views of the city is none other than the Camp Cove. It is located in close vicinity to the mouth of the harbor and also offers a very easy access to a large children park. Besides, there is lot more that will tempt you, so this time just don’t miss the opportunity to take cheap tickets to Sydney.