Admire Art and Heritage at the Majestic City of Brisbane

Brisbane is a gem of a city rich in culture and tradition and adorned with breathtaking natural beauty. Plan your holiday in this wondrous place and book your cheap flights to Brisbane to live through some of the best and most relaxing days of your lives. You will love everything about Brisbane. The place offers you best of food and great shopping. Along with these Brisbane is a house to world’s most wonderful galleries and museums which are house of art for centuries. Enrich your soul by witnessing the best of art forms and artifacts at Brisbane and learn about both traditional and contemporary art of the region.

Queensland Art Gallery Inside view

Queensland Art Gallery

As you take your cheap flights to Brisbane, visiting Queensland Art Gallery is a must. This place holds a huge treasure of art and collections from hundreds of years. You love walking through the galleries which keep paintings of some of the most renowned Australian artists. One of the most interesting collections in the Queensland Art Gallery is the collection of handmade Australian quilts from over 300 years. There are some pieces for sale, and you can buy them but mostly the prices are high but nonetheless the collection is classic and is worth the money. Taking pictures is not allowed inside the gallery but there are photo booths from where you can have your pictures taken.

Museum of Brisbane Inside view

Museum of Brisbane

Museum of Brisbane is the heart of culture and heritage of Australia. The place keeps artifacts and special pieces from various categories over the history. You can see old models of Australian cars and troops. You can also see sculptures and paintings. The museum displays a great amalgam of Australia’s social history, visual arts, crafts and design. The place is beyond amazing, and you will be awe stricken by pattern of the museum and its belongings.

Queensland Museum South Bank Exterior view

Queensland Museum South Bank

This place is nothing less than majestic. Queensland Museum is a house to a detailed collection from various walks of life. You can find mini pianos and small cars. You can also find collections from theatre and artists. The place is kept in a beautiful building, and you will love the detail of the architecture. Taking pictures is allowed in some parts of the museum but is not allowed in others. Towards the end of the museum there is a dinosaur park. The displays are amazing and are explained with the help of interactive videos. You children will love being in this place and will be recalling on its memory for a long time.

To enjoy these and many other wonderful rich attractions, book your cheap airlines to Australia and fly to the amazing city of Brisbane. The city is rich in all aspects. You will love walking through the splendid galleries admiring art works. You will learn a great deal about Australia’s culture and heritage, and you will also be able to buy some of the classic pieces as souvenirs from these brilliant collections. You will love the experience and this holiday will definitely be worth experiencing.