The Festive Melbourne Festival, Australia

Melbourne Festival Australia 2013

Art is what reconnects those who are disconnected in this world. So if you are feeling disconnected and disconcerted then we have the perfect place for you to escape to. Not only because it is holding one of the most renowned festivals that celebrates art like never before. If you are an art fanatic and have been craving for an opportunity such as this, then you have come to the right place because we at TravelHouseUK are providing you with cheap bargain deals. With our magical deals we aspire to make all your traveling dreams come true. Head over to Australia’s most loved city, Melbourne and experience art like never before.

The Melbourne Festival is one of the leading festivals and art fanatics from all over the world come to visit just to get a glimpse of art at its peak. The premier celebration of art, culture and music is taking place in Melbourne and its usual month which is October an with the festival only days away it is time to book your Melbourne flights from UK today so that your laziness does not prevent you from having the time of your life. This is the world’s leading art festival and celebrates the beauty of art from all over the world. If you are lacking inspiration and need a dose of visual arts, dance, theatre, music, films then the Melbourne Festival is the place to be.

The Melbourne Festival which is also known as the International Art Festival kick starts on the 11th of October and lasts till the 27th. These days are going to be one of the best days of your life. The excellence and diversity exhibited in the festival will leave you dumbfounded and rightly so because an art festival does not get any better than this. This festival brings to you an unparalleled feast of art that you have always desired for. Your chance to experience the perfect getaway to one of the most adored cities is not just a dream anymore. Not only is this one of the most important cultural festivals in the Australian calendar but it is also one that people from all over the world eagerly wait for.

This is where famous artists who were once just a local talent had its debut. This is your chance to experience it all. From the premieres of the finest local events to some of the international ones that only Melbourne has ever witnessed. All the acts and films will captivate you from the start and leave you mesmerized for many days to come. This is your chance to explore a whole new side of art, theatre and music. So book your cheap ticket to Melbourne with us today and hop onto the next flight out for an adventure you will cherish forever.