The Smashing Party begins at the Feast Festival, Adelaide

Feast Festival Adelaide Australia

It’s time to live a little by experiencing one of Australia’s biggest art festivals of its kind. This is because Adelaide is hosting a smashing event directed by the queer population of the country which you can also be a part of. Indulge in 16 days and nights of non-stop fun, action and endless entertainment that you’d wish never ends at the Feast Festival. This is Australia’s biggest queer cultural festival that features endless entertainment options by the talented members of the Queer (LGBITQ) community.

The festival is known for bringing the entire city of Adelaide to life with an electrifying buzz that is guaranteed to light up everyone. So if you’re in the mood to party like there’s no tomorrow, then head down to Adelaide this upcoming month and indulge in some cabaret, comedy, theatre, music, film, literature, visual arts and a lot more. So what are you waiting for? Adelaide is hosting one of the biggest festivals and you are invited!

About Feast Festival

Adelaide has been bringing together Australia’s queer community in one of the biggest art festivals of its kind. The Feast Festival is open to everyone to come and indulge in the endless festivities that have been prepared for you. This year the Feast Festival is scheduled to be held from the 9th till the 24th of November.

All that awaits you at the Feast Festival 2013

The Feast Festival brings you 16 days and nights of non-stop fun and action. Whether you want to indulge in cabaret, comedy that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts, engaging theatrical performances, music, film, and the visual arts, there is just so much happening at this one-of-a-kind festival that you’d wish it never ends. There is something to cater to every mood so you better not miss it.

This is not just a festival limited to the city of Adelaide but is known for attracting performers and tourists from across the globe, making it a smashing international event that you will love. Experience the diversity, the enthralling and inspiring talent of the Queer community and the electrifying magnetism that will have you dancing and moving to the music within no time! So if you’ve been looking to party your heart out, this is the city you need to visit and the feast festival is the festival you need to be at.

So come to party and have a blast! Find yourself laughing, dancing, and having a great time at this biggest arts festival of its kind. Experience the entire city of Adelaide come alive during the 16 days of this happening and full of life festival. Come to feast at Australia’s biggest and most happening Feast Festival this November.