Ocean Pools of New South Wales: an extraordinary Australian Experience


The state of New South Wales (NSW) boasts some of the most picturesque ocean pools that are not only great for a soothing dip, but they also offer a perfect retreat in the most breathtaking locations. Whenever you avail cheap flights to Australia on any upcoming opportunity, just ensure that you unravel in the soothing surrounding ocean water pools of this coastal state along with the relaxed ambience that prevails over its community.

Here are some of the top ocean pools of New South Wales that are bound to make a ball of your time and money:

The bogey hole, Mollymook

This beautiful rock pool is located towards the southern end of Mollymook Beach, offering one of the best sites if you are travelling with family and kids as the hole has shallow and safe waters. The Bogey Hole has been delicately carved out of the surrounding rock platform area, creating one of the most stunning sites that you will ever have laid eyes on.

The blue hues of the water are perfectly complimented by the surrounded greens and mighty rocks that dot the ocean pool. This tidal rock pool offers great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling in its outer area, and is also one of the State’s oldest ocean baths.

The Blue Pool, Bermagui

The Blue Pool is located off Scenic Drive at the base of the rocky sea cliff. The pool offers a very alluring magical site with crystal clear ocean waters that accumulate at the pool at high tide, and also offers breathtakingly beautiful coastal views. The Blue Pool at Bermagui is a must-visit for anyone who loves to revel in the beauty of Mother Nature without being hoarded by crowds of visitors. A viewing platform has also been constructed here so that you get to enjoy scenic sunsets as the sun rays glisten over the pool’s crystal clear waters.

Bents Basin, Nepean River

If you are seeking to indulge in a little adventure during your Aussie holiday, then the Bents Basin is the perfect place for you. Located at a short distance from central Sydney, this is a deep gorge that is formed on the Nepean River, surrounded by the lush forest escarpment to provide a picture-perfect surrounding for an exotic camp-out. Activities being offered are swimming, canoeing, fishing and bushwalking through Gulguer Nature Reserve.  Stunning views of the basin can also be witnessed at the Caleys lookout.

Angourie Blue Pool, North Coast

The Angourie Blue Pool was actually the result of a deep quarry excavation in the 1890s. The turquoise blue pool offers one of New South Wales’ most indulgent of sites surrounded by nearby cliffs. There is a beautiful area that separates this pool from the ocean and offers another one of those sites that are simply a must-see.

You will find huge signs that prohibit from diving from these cliffs and swimming due to the presence of harmful algae, but none of these signs are fruitful in stopping visitors from indulging in a little water action.