Explore Australia through the lens of a Wildlife Enthusiast

The beautiful land of Australia is known not only for its exotic beauty and thriving urban cities, but also one of the world’s best places to explore a myriad of stunning wildlife. Whether you imagine swimming with the whale sharks, heading to the beach with the iconic kangaroos, getting up-close and personal with the cuddly koalas or exploring an island filled with adorable penguins, there is a lot for you to unravel whichever part of Australia you seek to head out to.

For an amazing experience that awaits you in this mighty land down-under, all you need to do is find cheap flights to Australia and then simply let the beauty of this land take you on a magical ride of your life. Here are some of the top ranked wildlife sanctuaries that will take you by storm:


Ningaloo Reef

This UNESCO World Heritage listed site simply oozes sheer indulgence that will blow you away. Known for its world-class snorkelling and diving opportunities, the Ningaloo Reef is one of Australia’s beautiful coral reefs that inhabit stunning marine life. Why this site is our top favourite? How often do you get the opportunity to swim with the large whale sharks sweeping past you? Try getting hold of one of the tour operators here if you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to spot these massive whales!


The Kangaroo Sanctuary

There are very few moments in life that categorize as an overwhelming experience and touring the Kangaroo Sanctuary is definitely one of them. This 90 acre wildlife reserve of untouched bush-land inhabits around 25 kangaroos that are being looked after by Chris (Brolga).

The sanctuary offers one of those rare experiences where you could get up-close to these iconic mammals and even hold one of the baby kangaroos. The tours are conducted by Chris himself so one can feel the heart-warming dedication that he’s put into this beautiful sanctuary.


Eagles Heritage, Western Australia

This exotic place is located in the heart of the Margaret River region, known for inhabiting some of the most fantastic display of bird species. If you want to explore some of Australia’s largest collection of Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls, this is the place you should head out to.

Put on a glove and let these birds of prey relax on your arm for snap or two. You can get a detailed input on their feeding patterns as well as breeding programs from their keepers taking care of them at the facility.


Kangaroo Island, South Australia

This beautiful island boasts unmatched natural beauty and is one of the best places for you explore some of Australia’s indulgent wildlife. With its 509 kilometre coastline, the island is not only a wildlife haven but also is an emblem of Australia’s blessed, rugged beauty. As the name implies, the island inhabits kangaroos and has also served as a breeding ground for the rare KI Kangaroos.

But that is not all that you will get to explore on this exotic island. The Seal Bay Conservation Park is where you will get to explore Australia’s endangered sea lions, while the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary boasts a fascinating collection of koalas, possums and echidnas.