Charismatic Natural Beauty of Port Douglas


Home to an exotic blend of charming natural beauty, Port Douglas is situated just 60 kilometres away from Cairns, serving as a haven of traditional wonders.  This small township has advanced its reputation as a world class tropical oasis, one which has retained its customary exquisiteness and allure of the ancient and deep-rooted fishing village. Cheap flights to Australia serve as the perfect getaway and the ideal opportunity to bask in the natural wonders of Port Douglas, allowing tourists to explore lush tropical forests of Oceania.

Surrounded by the Coral Sea and the greenery provided by the forests, Port Douglas withholds an adventure that is scintillating and engaging. Whether it’s exploring the landscape or diving under the water to get acquainted with the marine life that dwells there, this destination will surely bring you closer to flora and fauna.

Port Douglas houses two of the most loved World Heritage sites; get to uncover every inch of the famous Great Barrier Reef, as well as the tropical forests of Daintree. Avail the ultimate chance of a complete tropical fiesta to get revitalized, revived and restored by diving into the Coral Sea!

From diving to snorkelling, Port Douglas serves as the best way to unveil one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most prized possessions of Port Douglas, as thousands of eager tourists rush to snorkel their way around it. The Great Barrier Reef is surely going to satisfy an electrifying, thrilling and adventurous experience along the shores of Australia.

If you’re in the mood to relax under the soaring sun, head over to the golden sands of the Four Mile Beach, which is covered with crystal creeks of Mossman Gorge. The scenic views of sunsets at the horizons of this beach are idyllic for a long walk, picture-perfect for a romantic getaway.

Recline in the tranquillity of this unspoiled beach located at a stretch of four kilometres, and rekindle the love with nature that has long been lost. Go for a run or swimming in the morning while numerous small coffee shops wait for your return to serve you with the finest brewed coffee. Helicopter services are also available to get a bird’s eye view of this stunning beach.

Visit the Wildlife Habitat to reunite with these amazing and adorable creatures. An opportunity to meet the wildlife in an open and interactive environment is simply a dream come true for those who love adventure and most of all, animals. With numerous activities available for everyone, this habitat is a place where the whole family can enjoy.

Tour the rainforests and feed the dangerous crocodiles, friendly kangaroos and spend the whole day on an expedition of fun and learning!

A true vacation is spent outdoors, along with the comfort of a friendly multicultural city that is bold and daring by nature. Port Douglas succeeds in providing its visitors the undiscovered side of Australia.